Elijah Project
Elijah Project

For many years part of our ministry at Chazon Yerushalayim involved intercession for Israel and specifically that the "veil of spiritual blindness" would be removed from the hearts and minds of our Jewish people. Since 1987 we have prayed "on site" or in certain geographic locations as "watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem" Isaiah 62:67. This kind of intercession takes place at historical or panoramic sites overlooking the city of Jerusalem and other points around the country. Often we pray at the traditional "Holy Sites" where something took place in Yeshua's ministry, the Acts of the Apostles, in Moses and the Prophets.

This has been the basis of my tour guiding philosophy since I began as a tour guide in 1997. Over the years I have taken Christian pilgrims to strategic places in the Land, and there we have prayed God's Word, Promises and Purposes over these places. Very often it has been my experience that Israelis who are watching are fascinated by the Christians praying and I am able to converse with them and often have the opportunity of sharing the Gospel with them.

As Israelis come up and ease drop while I am speaking to my groups, and I am able to speak the message directly to their hearts. During Passover I had that opportunity more than once to do this and an example is what happened to me. I was at Mt. Carmel, the site where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, and where the fire of God descended and consumed the sacrifice Elijah offered up in faith. (1 Kings 18:20-40) While my group was up on the roof of the Church praying, I went downstairs to get acquainted with the new community that are caretakers of this site. I introduced myself as an Israeli tour guide and Messianic Jew and while we were talking a group of Israelis came by asking in Hebrew for a Hebrew New Testament. The man who inquired was a tour guide for the Society for the Protection of Israel and he was with a group of three or four other Israelis. He told me that he wanted the New Testament for someone in his group. From the conversation I realized that not only he but also the others were "genuine seekers" and had had enough exposure to be interested enough to ask for the book. So after speaking with the caretaker in Italian and English I finally was able to communicate to them that the group was seeking a Hebrew New Testament, so he went into the back room and found one and gave it to them.

These are not the only seekers out there. Typically on Jewish Holidays like Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot, and also on Shabbat the desire of many Israelis is to go out, to picnic, and to go to these traditional "Holy Sites" where they tour and ask questions. I have had so many encounters with Israelis in these places that we decided as part of our regular schedule and activities to visit at least once a week one of these strategic "Holy Sites" in Jerusalem, especially where our Lord is remembered for prayer and distribution of New Testaments to the many Israelis that are seeking Him!

We would appreciate your prayers for this, that the Lord would lead us at these sites and that He would draw those Israelis to our team as we share the Gospel with joy and gladness and that we will be able to invite them to Chazon Yerushalayim to experience what is the Messianic Jewish lifestyle. For the past few years we have believed that the real action of "The Gospel of the Kingdom" is moving out into the streets of Jerusalem, not in the traditional sense of an evangelism campaign, but more as the Lord arranges these "divine encounters" as we intercede on location. Pray for us as we launch this project. Pray also that the Lord will send the right groups of believers and intercessors from the nations who have a heart to pray for the salvation of Israel "on site" and that through this project we will be able to reach many of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Also, if you would like to help us in a practical way, we need to purchase New Testaments for distribution. Pray about how you can partner with this new, exciting, indigenous Israeli Elijah Project.

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