Prayer Journeys
Pamela Suran is a licensed Israeli Tour Guide who offers a unique spiritual perspective of the Land of Israel. As a Messianic Jew who has lived in Israel since 1980 she has been leading Christian intercessory prayer groups for the past decade. She desires to guide Christians who are interested in deepening their love and understanding of Israel and God's end-time purposes for the Jewish people. She has been involved in strategic prayer since 1986 here in Jerusalem where she was involved in a prayer group who prayed specifically for the Jerusalem and the government of Israel. As an Israeli Tour Guide it enabled her to take groups from the Nations to key strategic points to pray in the Land.

Each prayer journey and group is unique, and therefore the emphasis in prayer differs from group to group. It is her belief that God is calling intercessors to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem until His purposes shall be fulfilled. He is calling prayer teams from the nations to come to the land and take up a position in prayer, to watch and pray, proclaim the Word of God and offer Him praise, lifting up His name. As the time of redemption draws nearer, the need for prayer becomes more earnest, and so more than ever these prayer groups (which I call swat teams) need to come alongside Messianic Jews and pray and intercede for the natural and spiritual restoration of Israel. Pamela desires to help you make your trip a life changing experience, unforgettable, rewarding, and spiritually uplifting.

Languages spoken:

  • English
  • Hebrew
  • German

Specialty Topics:

  • Messianic Jews
  • Second Temple Period
  • Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

Hired by touring agencies for both Jewish and Christian groups:

  • Sar-El Tours
  • Amiel Tours
  • NET Tours
  • PEL Tours

How to contact Pamela:

Pastors and Tour Leaders who are interested in bringing a group to Israel contact:

Pamela Suran - Israeli Tour Guide email