Chazon Yerushalayim

Jerusalem Vision

May our Lord bless you from Jerusalem, the City of our Great King! Thank you for partnering with the ministry of Chazon Yerushalayim. We deeply appreciate you!

Partnering with Chazon Yerushalayim

Chazon Yerushalayim is supported by donations from believers among the Nations. We rely on the faithfulness of God working through His grace, to enable the work of this Ministry to continue. We are a non-profit Israeli amutah (organization). Our staff lives by faith and we are supported by your generous contributions.

Making a Donation by Credit Card/PayPal

If you would like to partner with us by supporting this ministry, please click the button below to use PayPal's secure online credit card form to make a donation to Jerusalem Vision (Chazon Yerushalayim).

Partnering with Churches/Ministries

We are praying for churches/ministries who would like to partner with this ministry in the heart of Jerusalem by committing to monthly support. If you would like to partner to us in this way, please email us at

Making a Donation by Check

If you would like to send a donation by check, please send it to the following address:

Chazon Yerushalayim
Jerusalem Vision
P.O.Box 29340 Jerusalem
91293 Israel