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Shmuel and Pamela Suran

Shmuel and Pamela Suran are the Directors of Chazon Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Vision) and have served the Lord in Jerusalem for 21 years. Their unique calling is "to bear witness to Yeshua, our Lord and King" in the Land of Israel. They are also Directors of the Jerusalem Prophetic Art and the Jerusalem Healing Rooms. Pamela is an internationally recognized Israeli Artist and licensed Israeli Tour Guide. They minister together in Jerusalem, U.S. and Europe representing Messianic Congregations, speaking about Israel, Jerusalem, Messianic Jews, prayer and intercession, the end times, and reconciliation between Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs.

From New York City to Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem and warmest greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Yeshua. This prayer/newsletter is "a personal testimony of our gratefulness and thanksgiving to our Lord Yeshua the Messiah" whom we have had the privilege of serving together during these past 24 years of marriage as Messianic Jews in the Modern State of Israel in His City of Jerusalem.

It was in 1972 that I had a personal encounter with Yeshua the Messiah that changed the future course of my whole life. The famous painting of Leonardo DaVinci of The Last Supper fascinated me and I began reading the New Testament for the first time in my entire life. I read from the Gospel according to Matthew the text "The record of the genealogy of Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham"! The Son of David, the Son of Abraham? I was stunned and astonished as I had grown up thinking and believing that Jesus was a "Christian", the God of Christianity, and that He had something to do with the Vatican, Roman Catholic Church, the Pope and Mary but that he had nothing to do with the Jewish people...the Son of David, the Son of Abraham...Oh my God, Yeshua was a Jew!

As I read the Gospel according to Matthew I began reading about Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish Rabbi, who was preaching in the synagogues, villages, and cities in Galilee the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven or "the good news" to His people. I read about His life and ministry and how he healed the
sick, caused the lame to walk, opened the eyes of the blind to see, demons...and even raised the dead! I was deeply moved by His teachings and great compassion for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, for lost, broken and needy people.

But it was reading the account of the Crucifixion of Yeshua that God sovereignly revealed to me who Yeshua was. I came to the place where He was crucified and the accusation that was nailed to the cross above His head said, "THIS IS YESHUA, THE KING OF THE JEWS" (Matt. 27:37).
I struggled in my Jewish soul as I thought about the past 1900 years of Christianity and Judaism and in my Jewish mind I couldn't understand the paradox of "how could the God of Christianity be THE KING OF THE JEWS"?

As I was struggling with this paradox, God was slowly lifting the veil of spiritual blindness over my Jewish mind. While beholding Him nailed to the cross, suffering, bleeding, and dying as "THE KING OF THE JEWS" suddenly in a moment of time I recognized Him (like Joseph when he revealed himself to his brothers)"YESHUA THE KING OF THE JEWS"! I continued reading the next chapter and read about the angel of the Lord who descended from heaven and said to Mary Magdalene at the
tomb..."I know you are looking for Yeshua who was crucified. He is not here; He is risen from the dead"! I was overjoyed! I was crying for joy! He's alive! He is risen from the dead and He is Lord! And so I was "born again" that day 30 years ago. "With deep gratefulness to God" I wanted to thank Him for His great mercy and grace upon my life and all the ways He has led me these past 30 years. "Thank you Lord"!

As I learned to be His disciple and follow Yeshua daily, I began sharing my belief in Him with my family, friends, neighbors, and many Jewish people. I had personally found the promised Jewish Messiah and I wanted others to hear the good news about Yeshua! In January 1974 I made aliyah from New York City to Jerusalem, based on a personal call from God in Ezekiel 36:16-38 that I had read in the Synagogue on my Bar Mitzvah day. I lived in Jerusalem one and a half years and I spent most of my time sharing the gospel with Israelis and Arabs, religious and secular, who had never met a Messianic Jew before and never heard the gospel. As Messianic Jews we have our biblical roots in Jerusalem as we trace our lineage back to the origins of the early Church in Acts 2. My calling was to bear witness to our Lord in the City of the Great King. It has been a great priveledge to serve ourLord and King here in the City that He so loved and prayed for during His life.

From Jerusalem to the Galilee

From 1975-1979 the Lord sent me to the Galilee where my humble beginnings started as I lived together in community with two other Messianic Jewish brothers in Rosh Pinna, an Israeli town named after Psalm 118. Yeshua began revealing Himself to Israelis through our sharing the gospel "one on one" and bearing witness to Him as the true Messiah of Israel. During those years an Acts 2 "house to house" community was planted. As we continued sharing our faith in Yeshua the response in Rosh Pinna became so enthusiastic that the Chief Rabbi of a settlement town near Nazareth became concerned and contacted some religious extremists to persecute us. There were some demonstrations, death threats, and attacks against our community. We were in all the Israeli newspapers, magazines, and invited to speak on Israeli TV.

As a result of the persecution the community became scattered and we moved to Tiberias in 1979-1982 and there became the core of a congregation which eventually grew to several hundred. During this time I was a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee and learned many lessons about prayer, faith, humility, brokenness and the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. It was also in the Galilee that I met my wife Pamela.

From the Galilee back to Jerusalem

Pamela and I were married on Mt. Tabor in 1982 and lived in the upper hills of the Galilee in a development town called Maalot. There we spent a Biblical Year (our first year of marriage) adjusting to married life. Pamela was an Artist for Yeshua and had painted "The Twelve Minor Prophets" and "The Compassion of Yeshua" which she exhibited in Dugit a Messianic gallery in Tel-Aviv. She began painting her first series on the Land of Israel called "Galilean Landscapes", a prophetic word for the local Body in the Land "to stand fast and be encouraged". We also began to lead praise and worship in the house congregation in Nahariyah. In those years we formed lasting friendships with people in the Galilee and also other parts of the Land.

In 1985 we were sovereignly called to Jerusalem. After a year and a half in Jerusalem we began a home group/bible study in 1987 studying the Acts of the Apostles systematically verse by verse and at the end of the year the group had outgrown the home group . We moved to Bakka and it was there
that the Messianic Congregation "Kehilat Brit Yerushalayim" was planted in 1988. We continued leading and leading this congregation for 10 years until 1998 raising up and developing several other ministries within the congregation. During these years we founded an evangelistic coffee house outreach called "Derech Beit Lechem" (on the way to Bethlehem) and many Russian Jews came to a saving knowledge of Yeshua. Also during this time we raised up many Israeli Sabras into the ministry in Jerusalem.

We are presently the Directors Chazon Yerushalayim which in Hebrew is (Jerusalem Vision). Chazon Yerushalayim began as a five-fold ministry team with a heart for indigenous Isreali evangelism and discipleship here in Jerusalem. The art work of Pamela developed throughout the years of our congregational ministry. She painted series after series all bearing themes of God's prophetic word; "Gates of Jerusalem"an intercession for the Old City of Jerusalem, "Impressions of Judea and Samaria" a series concerning the restoration of Israel, "Jacob's Dream" and "Jacob's Struggle" depicting a prophetic look at Israel in the end times, "If I forget you,O Jerusalem", another prophetic proclamation of God's end time purposes for Jerusalem. "Golah u' Geulah", a series called "Exile and Redemption" depicting Israel's journey through the Holocaust and through the end of the age culminating with the Second Coming of Yeshua. She recently painted a series called "The Twelve Tribes of Israel" depicting Israel in the Millennium. Her most recent series called The Feasts of the Lord depicts the Biblical holidays celebrated in Israel today. Her ministry called "Contemporary Prophetic Art from Jerusalem" was founded in 1986. She has been a licensed Israeli Tour Guide during the past 10years leading intercessory tour groups on a life changing journey through the land of the Bible. We have traveled together to the Nations to speak about Israel, the Church, God's purposes for Israel. We have spoken in Churches, Conferences, Bible Schools, and Colleges throughout the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Finland, Indonesia, and Austria.

Our love and affection to each of you in our Messiah Yeshua,

Shmuel and Pamela