Chazon Yerushalayim
Jerusalem Vision

 "For the law shall go forth from Zion, And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem." Is 2:3

Tribe of Levi

The Jerusalem Vision Ministry

The Messianic Vision of redemption centers around God's Messianic King and the establishment of His Kingdom upon the earth. As Messianic Jews, we believe that Yeshua the Messiah is God's promised Messianic King. "Chazon Yerushalayim" is the Hebrew name for Jerusalem Vision. We are a Ministry with a vision for ISRAEL, JERUSALEM, the CHURCH, and the NATIONS. The ministry has a heart for personal indigenous Israeli evangelism and discipleship training. Biblical teaching, prayer and intercession are combined with worship, fellowship, breaking of bread and reconciliation. Our unique calling is "to bear witness to our Lord" in His own City of Jerusalem. We are privileged to be able to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to Israel until "All Israel shall be saved".

Directors/Chazon Yerushalayim

Shmuel Suran is a messianic Jew who met Yeshua the Messiah in 1972 through a sovereign revelation from God. The famous painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci led Shmuel to read the New Testament for the first time in his entire life. Reading through the Gospel according to Matthew, God removed the "veil of spiritual blindness" from his mind and heart as he read the account of the Crucifixion of Yeshua and recognized Yeshua to be the "King of the Jews" (Matt 27:37). As he read the account of the Resurrection from the dead and the events following, he received Yeshua as his King and Savior!

Shmuel & Pamela Suran

The Bride by Pamela Suran

Since then Shmuel has served the Lord for 30 years in Israel helping to build and establish the Messianic Congregations in the land. He has served as Pastor of Kehilat Brit Yerushalayim, a Messianic Congregation in Jerusalem. He currently is the Pastor/Director of Chazon Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Vision), a Ministry Center in Jerusalem focusing on Jewish evangelism and discipleship.

Shmuel is an International speaker on Israel and the end times. Through his pastoring he has raised up several Israelis into full time ministry in the land. His burden is to lead Israelis into a personal relationship with God through knowing Jesus Christ and equip them for ministry.

Pamela Suran is an Intercessor, Artist and Israeli Tour Guide. She has exhibited her work in Israel, U.S., and Europe. She has been an Israeli Tour Guide since 1997. She was the leader of the women's prayer meeting in the former Messianic congregation and was also a member of the worship team. She is responsible for the conceptual input, and design consultations for the current Jerusalem House as well as prayer and evangelism in the  process  of sharing the Good News to the Jew first and also to the Muslims. Local guest Pastors, Teachers,  Evangelists, & volunteers  serve with us in  this ministry during certain activities and events throughout the year.

Shmuel and Pamela minister together in Jerusalem, Israel, U.S., Germany, Switzerland and among the Nations as International speakers representing Israel, speaking about Israel, Jerusalem, Messianic Jews and God's end time purposes for the Restoration of Israel.

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